Car Title Loans

How to qualify for a Car Title Loan and get cash in an hour

Qualifying for car title loans (or auto title loans) is relatively easy. You will need the following documents to get your loan.

·    You must have proof of residency. This could be a bill form your electric company, water company, telephone bill etc.
·    Proof of income. Usually this will be a pay stub or 2 to show you have an on going income. Some lenders will accept disability payments or social security payment as income. You just need enough that you can pay the loan and still have money to live on.
·     Drivers license or a state issued ID card.
·    A clear car title. Proof that you car is free and clear of any liens on it. Depending on the value of you car, some lenders may lend you money even if you have a loan on it already.

After you have submitted the information, the lender needs to appraise your car. You can get an idea of the value of your car by checking it out on Kelly’s Blue Book.

When the lender inspects your car.

The lender will give a quick appraisal of the car based on its appearance.

·    Exterior- How is the paint on the car? Is it in good condition, been waxed and taken care of? Is it worn with paint chips and road nicks in it? How is the glass on the car? Does it have curbside appeal when you look at it?

·    Interior-How does the interior look? Any rips in the seats? Condition of the carpet? Stains? The lender will also check to see if the lights work, radio and air conditioning are properly working and of course the odometer to check for the miles on the car.

·    Mechanical-This involves the lender starting the car and listening for any noises.

Obviously before bringing the car to the lender, give it a quick check to make sure its looks and sounds right. Bring it to a car wash or do it yourself to really make the car stand out and to add value to it.

After the lender has inspected your car and checked the above documents, they should be able to make a quick decision on your car title loan and hopefully you can be driving out with your money.

You now have to information to get your loan today.

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