Preparing to get a car title loan

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Ok so you’ve done your research here and have decided to go and get your car title loan.

Now what?

Getting your car ready for the lender

The value of your car will help determine how much of a loan you can get. If you can increase the value of your car, you can possibly get a larger loan.

How to increase the value of your car to your lender.

  • Since the lender is using your car as collateral for the loan, you will want it looking its best, right? If the lender sees fast food wrappers piling up in the back seat, he’s not going to think much of your car or you perhaps.
  • CLEAN YOUR CAR. Sounds obvious right? You’d be surprised. I’m not suggesting you go a spend money on getting the car detailed, but take the time to wash it or maybe bring it to the car wash. Make the exterior sparkle. Make sure the tires are clean and make the wheels shine. Fix any molding that may have come loose while driving. Have your license plate screwed on correctly and not hanging.
  • Clean the interior. Yes get rid of the fast food wrappers and cups. Give a good cleaning to the dashboard and windows. Empty the ashtray. Don’t have your CD’s lying all over the car. Clean the glove box. Vacuum the seats and carpets well. If necessary, hang an air freshener in the car.
  • Make sure things are working. I’m talking about the radio and CD player. Windshield wipers. Air conditioning. All of your lights. The horn. Make the lender believe you are giving him great collateral.

Now that you car is looking sharp, let’s get the paper work ready for the lender.

What documents you will need to get a car title loan.

  • Clear title. Most lenders want to see your car title free and clear of any loans.
  • Car insurance. You should have your policy up to date.
  • A job. Lenders will want to see a pay stub or 2 to show you have an income to pay for the loan

If you have these items all taken care of, then getting that loan should be that much easier to get.

There you have it. Now its up to you to start today to get a car title loan or pink slip loans.

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